We accept reservations by phone as well
We will ask for the hotel name, dates, room rank, plan, and so on
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We accept reservations by phone as well
ホテル しゃあないやん Latest information
Guest rooms and fees
This type of room21there is a room
This type of room2there is a room
This type of room3there is a room
*Prices for two people per room. *Prices include tax. *Prices may vary over the year-end/new year holidays or during other lengthy holiday periods.
Latest information, event services
Meals and drinks on our original menu
We welcome guests with our special facilities and services
Open-air bath (310.313)
Enjoy it 24 hours a day! Spend a special time in an open-air bath just for the two of you.
Terrace (310)
Please feel free to use it for meals or to take an outdoor bath afterwards.
Japanese style (201.206.304.305)
Please enjoy a relaxing time in the soothing Japanese-style room.
Black light (some rooms)
There is a room where you can enjoy the atmospheric black light effects.
It's a classic hotel! All you can sing without worrying about time alone!
Free Wi-Fi
Internet connection in all rooms for free
Room service
We offer a wide variety of menu items. Please enjoy your meals in the comfort of your room.
Cosplay (rental)
Want to change your mood a bit? We have a selection of cosplay costumes.
Because we want you to always stay clean, we have heated toilet seats.
Various shampoos (some rooms)
We also have a wide selection of shampoos and other items that women will love.
Curling hair dryer (some rooms)
You can direct the wind exactly where you want it to go.
DVD/BD player (some rooms)
You can bring in movies or discs to watch on the big screen TV.
Carry-in refrigerator
There is a private refrigerator in the room, so please use it freely.
There is a microwave in the room, so please use it freely.
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ホテル しゃあないやん
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ホテル しゃあないやん
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