We accept reservations by phone as well
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We accept reservations by phone as well
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Guest rooms and fees
This type of room13there is a room
This type of room15there is a room
This type of room1there is a room
*Prices for two people per room. *Prices include tax. *Prices may vary over the year-end/new year holidays or during other lengthy holiday periods.
Latest information, event services
Meals and drinks on our original menu
We welcome guests with our special facilities and services
VOD free movie
You can see the topic movie quickly! Mini theater only for hotel
Canopy bed (101)
Feel like a romantic and glamorous princess with a canopy bed, the dream of every girl!
Bedrock bath (101.302)
Just by sitting and sweating, you can kill two birds with one stone by detoxing and getting beautiful skin!
Black Light (503)
We have rooms where you can enjoy rich black light effects.
Massage chair (502)
You can enjoy a variety of massage courses in the comfort of your own room.
Bubble bath (some rooms)
It has beauty and cleansing effects! It can also be expected to improve rough skin.
Sauna (307.405)
You can enjoy a dry sauna together just for the two of you.
Cosplay (purchase and sale)
Want to change your mood a bit? We have a selection of cosplay costumes.
Carry-in refrigerator
There is a private refrigerator in the room, so please use it freely.
Because we want you to always stay clean, we have heated toilet seats.
Abundant amenities
Shampoos are also available for women.
Curling dryer
You can direct the wind exactly where you want it to go.
Ion dryer
Only available in Type B rooms. Prevents damage and keeps skin moisturized and shiny.
hair iron
Only available in type B rooms. Hair styling available.
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ホテル ファースト
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ホテル ファースト
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